Professional Packing


Professional Packing Pricing

Packing is $16.00 per box. Box, labor, and material are included in the price.  

Small (1.5) cartons, medium (3.0) cartons, and large (4.5) cartons are used for packing. 

Extra large wardrobe boxes are $25.00 each.  

The average 3 bedroom home will take approximately 50-100 boxes.   

Reasons for hiring Professional Packers:

1. Tough schedule, limited time

2. Disabilities, injuries, elderly, children

3. To ensure protection of items being shipped

4. Short notice home closing delays

5. Frees up your time so you can deal with lawyers, closings, banks, switching utilities, changing your address.

6.  Packing yourself sometimes can take weeks. Customers spend more hours  strolling down memory lane when packing nostalgic and sentimental items  while packers just wrap and pack items as efficiently as possible. We  can get you packed between one and two days.


After a long work day it can be completely overwhelming to still have  to go pick up boxes, wrapping paper, tape and other moving supplies.  Then go through drawer after drawer packing clothes in boxes.

Going  from china display case, to buffet, to kitchen cupboards with wrapping  paper & bubble wrap. Frantically trying to wrap dishes, crystal  stemware, figurines, pictures and mirrors hoping to be fully prepared to  move by the time your movers arrive.

We know how tiring packing your belongings can be when preparing to move. We also understand how time consuming packing is.

As professionals, we cannot allow your family to endure that type of stress.

Reliable Movers will be more than happy to handle all of your packing needs.

We are a team of expert packers that offer excellent service at  exceptionally competitive rates.  We are courteous and "professional" and  we show your belongings the same care and respect that we would our own. We pay exceptionally close attention to detail when it comes to  protecting your property.

We will arrive at your home,  or office, with all of the various sizes of boxes, wrapping paper,  packing tape,  bubbles,  shrink wrap and all other moving supplies necessary to completely and successfully get your household or office  ready for moving day!