Moving Guidelines



Moving Guidelines and Helpful Tips was designed many years  ago and is still updated yearly.   After coming across many similar  scenarios as well as questions we felt that having a moving guideline  system would assist the customer as well as handle any upcoming issues  that should arise. 

You will receive the Moving  Guidelines when you receive your contract.  

Moving Guidelines


1. All boxes must be closed and taped, and  properly marked for each room. We can shrink wrap together your brooms,  mops, rakes, and yard tools.  When the men arrive and your items are not  packed,  they will not move them.   They will not wait for packing to  be completed. 

Please make sure everything is removed from the tops of tables, nightstands, dressers etc. 

2. You may leave the drawers in the dressers, we will move them the way they are. Please pack the contents of your dressers.

Nightstands  and desk also need to be emptied.  There are gaps between the drawers  which cause items to be dumped when the items are tilted.  You may leave  all file in filing cabinets. 

3. We will break down bedroom furniture and reassemble it.

This  season we have come across many customers moving from large  apartments/homes into small apartments taking the same amount of  furnishings.  If you are boxed in the guys will not reassemble certain  furniture because they cannot access it. This guideline applies to all  NYC moves.

4. Wardrobe boxes may be purchased.  If wardrobe boxes aren’t available you may also buy extra large boxes  for wardrobes. Remove the hanging clothing 5-7 hangers at a time. Make  one fold in the middle of the clothing and place in box. Do not over  stuff box to prevent added wrinkles. Heavy duty garbage bags are  sufficient for bedding.

Wardrobe boxes do not come with the standard packing job.   You must specifically ask for them.  We use the large box system.

5.  The customer is responsible for all snow removal and salt. Stairs and  driveway must be cleared prior to the truck arriving. Overtime charges  will apply if snow removal is not done prior to arriving at pick up or  destination.


6. The customer is responsible to prepare for  protection of flooring within the house. We recommend going to Lowe’s or  Home Depot and buying Red Rosin Paper. It is located in the hardwood  flooring section and usually runs about $15.00 for a large roll. The  paper can be laid with masking tape throughout the walk area of the  house for added protection of carpet and hardwood floor. If rosin paper  is not available we will be able to use two or three moving pads to lay  in the entrance of the home.

Our employees cannot remove their shoes due to Workman’s Comp and safety issues.

7. We are not  responsible for the customers packing of boxes unless the box is  crushed, or torn open. Please carefully pack glass and label box  FRAGILE.

Bubbles are available through our company at a lower cost then most retail stores.

8.  We will pad and shrink wrap large pictures and mirrors (over 2 feet  long) free of charge, no more than 5 pictures/mirrors. You are  responsible for packing lamp shades and bulbs. Lamp shades are very  fragile, many customers opt to take lamps in their own car.

We  have plastic mattress covers for sale at 10.00 each. You must call or  email me prior to your move if you need them, as the men do not carry  these covers on the truck.

9. The customer is  responsible for doing walk through of their home prior to the truck  leaving to make sure everything has been loaded. When the truck arrives  to be unloaded at the new home the customer should stand near the  entrance to where the truck is being unloaded and tell each employee  where each item is being placed within the house when the items are  being carried in. The customer is also responsible for doing a walk  through of the truck when the move is completed to ensure nothing has  been left on the truck.

10. Payment is to be  made cash, check, or money order on the day the move is completed. We  ask that personal checks are from NY state banks only. There is a $30.00  charge for returned/canceled checks.

11. For the safety of your animals and our employees please cage or remove your animals from the move site.

12.  The customer is responsible for disposal of shrink wrap used on the  job. Because we are considered commercial, our dump runs to the landfill  are high, to keep your cost down we ask you to dispose of this.

13. If your move was bid by truck size, this if for one trip only, unlimited hours and men. Additional trips carry an extra charge.

Piano  moving is NOT included in this price. All pianos have extra charges due  to weight and man power involved. Please read your contract and make  sure your piano is listed along with the charge on the bottom of the  last page.

14. Only during certain moves will  the head employee will ask for half down prior to loading the truck and  the other half when the job is completed. This is at the discretion of  Mike or Jen (owners) when this happens.

All out of state moves  operate like this. We have dealt with too many bounced checks. It is too  difficult to chase down customers in the court system when they reside  out of state.

15. If an itemized inventory and  single price is listed on your contract versus based on truck size, the  guys must follow this inventory. Your price will change if your  inventory changes drastically.

Single prices are given through  walk through estimates or smaller shipments via phone. All phone  conversations are recorded in ensure accuracy of inventory given by  customers.

16. We have the right to substitute truck size. You may receive a larger or smaller truck.

17.  Over times charges will apply for assembly and dis-assembly of  furniture and appliances that take more than 5 minutes per item. This  includes removing of interior doors, refrigerator doors, two or more  piece desks, over sized bed frames. Over times charges are in 15 minutes  increments.

Excessive  distance and stair carry charge: There will be a charge for excessive  distance which is defined as the walking area to or from the home to the  truck that is being loaded or unloaded.

A stair carry charge will  incur if you do not have stair carry listed on your contract.  This  does not apply for two story homes.

Excessive distance is more  than 50 feet. If you have excessive distance please make sure this is  listed on your moving contract or you could be charged for this.

Elevator delay due to residents or other movers using the same elevator.

Multi level storage facilities ---   for storage facilities that we are not able to back directly up to the door and unload.

18.  We will no longer be hold liability for movement of  granite. Granite is extremely delicate and needs to be crated prior to  moving. We will move your granite piece(s) but will not cover any  damages to it. Our men will cardboard, pad, and shrink wrap granite  pieces and protect them to the best of their ability. Due to veins  within the granite, it is not considered a stable piece thus subject to  damage regardless of the handling procedures. Cold climate as well as  humidity effect granite making it extremely fragile

19.     We are not responsible for your purse,  loose change, coins, jewelry,  lap tops,  valuables.  Please  take them with you.  Please do not leave  these items left in the open.  You may pack them in boxes that are taped  shut.

20.  Payment for this out of state move  is as follows. We do not accept checks for out of state moves. 1/2  balance of cash is due when the loading is completed. The remaining 1/2  balance is due prior to the truck being unloaded at the destination.

21.   Over stuffing boxes.  Since we base our prices on truck size, customers  lately have been using extra large boxes and over stuffing them to  avoid going into more space used within the truck.   Some of these boxes  are hitting 100lbs or more.

When packing yourself, please use  book boxes for books.  They are a smaller carton (1.5 carton).   Please  do not try to stuff your entire apartment into one box.  There will be  an added fee if this happens.  The average home should use an assortment  of boxes.  Small, medium, and large.  Totes are acceptable.   Your  entire book collection in one tote is unacceptable.

22.   Moving large items-    Some items such as  your dressers, beds, or  pianos will not fit into your new space because of hallway turns,  stairs, or doorways.   The guys will assess the situation and determine  if the item will fit.  The guys are trained to specifically deal with  situations such as these.  If they state the item will not fit they will  not move it.  And this is based on the space, if it may damage your  walls/trim, or the piece being moved.  Please trust their judgment. 

23.   During peak season we schedule moves in the morning and the afternoon.   9am and 1:00 pm time slot. If your move is scheduled for the afternoon,  keep in mind the guys are coming from the morning move to you.  They  may run ahead or behind schedule. The guys will call and give an  approximate arrival time. 

24. The 28 foot truck is a  large and heavy truck.  It can top 26,000lbs.  We are not responsible  for driveway or yard damage.  The guys will ask for your permission to  drive on the yard if need be.   Cracking and scraping of your driveway  is not our responsibility.   We average more than 300 moves a year and rarely if ever come across this issue.  

25.  Cancellation, or any changes, must be made at least 72 hours for local  moves or 168 hours for out of state moves prior to the major portion of  the move. Any charges incurred by the mover because of shipper’s failure  to notify mover of cancellation, or change(s) at least 72 hours for  local moves, 168 hours (7 days) for out of state moves in advance of the  major portion of the move will be charged for at the mover’s applicable  tariff rate.  25% of the booked move price.

Moving  and estimating shipment size is not an exact science.   Even with a  walk through estimate you may use more or less space that quoted.  With  18 years experience we do our best to estimate the space you are going  to use, but it is not guaranteed.  

At anytime you may stop the movers if you think you are going over in space and want to keep on budget.  

 The truck is loaded utilizing all available space,  loaded top to  bottom, side to side. If you need to 2nd trip you will be charged  according to space used.

If tips are given please do not add this on your moving check. This causes tax issues for us.

Items Not Covered


Items NOT covered in your move:

1.  Jewelry - It would be best to pack and move jewelry yourself.

2.  Documents/important papers - (marriage licenses, birth certificates, passports etc.)

3.  Stamp or coin collections - also best to move yourself.

4.  Pictures/painting not properly packed in a box or crated.

5.  Inner workings of electronics, appliances, etc., unless there is clear  evidence of mishandling of the item.  If the item was handled  properly and something does not work after the move, we WILL NOT be  held responsible.

6.  Sentimental items - value cannot be placed on something of sentiment.

7.  Contents of boxes not packed or unpacked by us unless there is clear  evidence of damage to the exterior of the box. (In other words, if the  box is dented, crushed, or ripped.) 

 8.  Software data - The loss of data is not covered.

 9.  Sets of furniture or appliances - If there is a matching set and one  piece is damaged, we will be liable to replace or repair (up to your  coverage selection) the one piece and it does not have to match the  other.

 10.  Particle Board - Any piece of furniture made of particle board or like material.

 11.  Dangerous goods or liquids - such as cleaning supplies, aerosols,  propane, etc. If you pack a dangerous good and it leaks from the box  onto one of your items, the mover will not be held responsible in any  way.


 12.  Glass, granite or marble tops - if not properly boxed or crated.

13.  Animal mounts - if not properly boxed or crated.

 14.  Rental Trucks or Storage facilities - We are not responsible for items  loaded into or unloaded from rental trucks or storage facilities.

 15.  Plants and Animals.

 16.  Photographs or Portraits - These will only be covered for the cost of the film and processing.