Long Distance Moving


Whatever your reasons for moving, you need a reliable professional moving company on your side when moving across state lines.   

  At Reliable Movers, we recognize that moving is not a one-size-fits-all and that our customers have unique needs. Regardless  of how complex or challenging the move may be, we can relocate  households of all sizes. To ensure you receive the services you need at  prices you can afford, we will visit your home to  survey your items and provide you with a free written estimate of moving  costs. 

We offer single to full shipments, servicing the east coast and mid west.  


Licensed interstate movers estimate moving prices using two different formats.  

1. Weight estimate

2.  Binding estimate


The cons of a weight estimate:

 Most movers that operate on weight will have a salesman complete a walk through estimate and under estimate your weight.   In the end you may have a  cheaper price in hand, but your price at the end of your actual move will change drastically. 90% of the time our price is cheaper than your  final price of a weight mover. 

 Reliable Movers does not offer estimates by weight.  Our estimates are by binding estimate only.  This guarantees your price in writing from A  to B.  


We also offer guarantee delivery date with no extra charge pending  weather and traffic.  Larger moving companies will offer a 2-3 day  unloading window, which means they will show up a week to two weeks  later, once they fill the truck with shipments. 

Depending on  which state you transfer to we also offer exclusive use of the truck at  no extra charge.   Your shipment will not be co-mingled with others.   Your shipment will not be loaded, unloaded, shifted, or moved around to  access other shipments. My men will load and go to your new city/state  directly as desired.  

What can change my binding estimate price?


There are few things that can change your binding estimate price.

1.  Change in inventory.   Adding more items on to your inventory can change your binding  estimate.  Adding one or two items on will not change it,  but a whole  room will.

2.  Excessive walk ways or stair carry.   The customer must be upfront concerning the conditions at loading and unloading. 

A. What floor apartment are you moving to? 

B. Can the guys back up to the house or do they need to park in the parking lot and carry?

C. How close is your apartment to the elevator?

D. In a climate controlled storage, how far are you from the entry door?

E. If a tractor trailer is used can they access your road?

They  are common questions you should be able to answer at the time of your  estimate.  We also typically do a aerial map view from Google.  These  maps tend to be outdated, so please be ready with this information at the time of your estimate.

3. Extra stops along the way.  

Examples - 

A. Dropping off a living room set to your Aunt that lives a few miles away.

B. Items do not fit into the house and need to be brought to a storage bin.

4. Shuttle service

This  occurs when the truck or tractor trailer cannot fit either in the housing development or driveway.  A smaller truck is needed to transfer goods from the larger truck to the smaller one.

5. Waiting time

A  change in the deliver day while in transit or not being able to access  your home or apartment due to closing issues, apartment manager issues,  city inspections certificates etc. 

Waiting time will be assessed by the hour per man and truck. 

This is also included for shared usage of elevators.  If possible please  reserve your elevator time slot.  If the elevator has to be shared with  residents this absorbs time.


What is the difference between a broker and a mover?


Everyone  wants a great moving price and wants to shop around.  The internet  allows for instant quotes on many websites.  But they also hide many  scams, and the pricing is not accurate. They are meant to lure you in. 

What is a broker?

A  moving broker is definitely NOT an actual moving company. They do not have moving trucks, professional movers, proper moving equipment, and in  a lot of cases not much moving experience.

Moving brokers are sales teams that book your move and sell it to an actual moving company.  Sometimes the broker is not able to sell the job for various reasons –  low estimates, availability, resources and the list goes on – in this  case you can get stuck without a mover on the day of your move. Many  moving brokers operate from call centers located anywhere in the  country.

Many times moving brokers sell your job which is called a  moving lead.  This means up to 50 movers can and will be overwhelming  you with phones calls and non stop emails.

Movers from all over the country can bid on the job.   Because they are under bidding  against several movers by the time you hire them, their profit is low.   Thus the weight bumping or writing up extra charges covers this low  fee. 

Several brokers in fact do not even have a license to broker  moves as per USDOT law.  We ourselves have been victims of rogue  brokers from New Jersey who stole our DOT numbers, booked, and scammed  customers. This action is listed on our home page.

Avoid brokers at all cost!

Pick up the phone book, ask friends or neighbors for a reference, research the internet for local movers.

What is the difference I receive in services hiring Reliable Movers versus a large name moving company?

1.   When you call Reliable Movers you will speak directly with Mike or  Jennifer the owners of Reliable Movers.   We answer the phones and  emails 7 days a week excluding holidays.  

2.  You will  receive a in home estimate by Mike and/or Jennifer.  We are involved in  all aspects of the move. From packing to loading to unloading.  


3.   While your shipment is in transit you will be given the employee's  personal cell phone number to which you may call at anytime to discuss  the estimated time arrival of your shipment or update information.

4.   Any issues that need to be resolved will be resolved by Mike or  Jennifer personally.  We do not hand off complaints or issue them to the  next person. There is no 1-800 to deal with.  We are the only people  that answer the phones.

5.  Reliable Movers employs our  men long term.  Some of our men have been with us 12 years plus.   We do not hire off the street.  The men you see loading are the men you will  see unloading your shipment.  We do not pull into your new city looking  for cheap guys to help unload. 

6.  For Florida moves Mike  and Jennifer will always be present at the unloading.   We specialize  in NY to Florida moves and personally take the shipments down. 

7.   To us your are not just another customer.  Your experience and  reference gives us future referrals and customers.  We take pride in our  work and truly enjoy the transportation business.